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All Year Yummy Blueberries!

Frozen Market started today, this means that we machine pick the blueberries at night (firmest in the cool of the night), they then go into our holding rooms that are kept cool. They then make their way across an assortment of machinery including a fan, soft fruit detector, two color sorters, an inspection belt and a metal detector. To sum it up the blueberries are washed, sorted, and ready to be frozen.

We pack our berries into 30 pound boxes which are available year round to the public for $90.00, that is $3.00 per pound. We also offer gallon bags, that have five pounds of blueberries in them for $19.00, that is $3.80. Finally we have one pound bags, for 5.25 each. All the sizes are available year round, so you never run out of nutrient dense blueberries that taste great!

Our frozen market last usually three weeks once we get started, and this year we are keeping the front farm stand open an extra two weeks to keep up with demand of the U-Pick ($2.50 per pound) and our fresh market berries.

We are open seven days a week from 8am-6pm. However you are more than welcome to call, or e-mail with questions. (Check our website for details http://www.buyorganicberries.com/)