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Sunset Valley Organics Blueberries Featured on KMTR TV

We had a great day on Tuesday talking with Kelli Warner of KMTR news in Eugene about:
Biological farming, managing soil composition for maximum plant health and nutritition
Making our own compost for quality and consistency, with high mineral density and about
Growing our delicious, nutrient dense blueberries so that they are tastier, sweeter, longer lasting and healthier than anything we've grown in the past 50 years.

Organic, Biological farming has changed our lives and our blueberries.

We hope it can make your lives sweeter and healthier too.

What a great crew, and they did a really nice story. Check it out!
(apparently it's now offline)...sorry you missed it.

Good soil improves blueberries

Good soil improves blueberries

CORVALLIS — A healthier, tastier product is Bob Wilt’s ultimate goal.

To get there, the Corvallis blueberry farmer touts terms like biologically rich and nutrient dense and is happy to tell you how it has helped. Keeping the process organic means making some sacrifices and getting some good advice. Wilt says he has done both.

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